Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Q: What is the Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe?
    A: Cedar Creek manufactures high-end custom cases for consumers, builders and retail outlets. We encourage our customers to design all aspects of their custom case. Please see our options chart for a list of our features.
2.   Q: How are your cases designed and built?
    A: We leave the design to you!
All of our cases are built from scratch, using the finest wood, coverings, fabrics and hardware available. Every case is personally handcrafted, starting with five sheets of pressed wood. The wood shell is then covered with the desired exterior and the hardware is assembled. Finally, the interior is designed, cut and applied to the interior of the shell.
3.   Q: Where are your custom cases built?
    A: Cedar Creek cases are built right here in the foothills of Virginia, USA.
4.   Q: How do I order a custom case that is a traditional size?
    A: 1. We recommend comparing your instrument’s dimensions with the specs that are listed under each case model. This will establish the proper fit.
2. We encourage you to choose an exterior, interior, hardware, etc., from our options chart. This will allow you to decide what features best suite personal style.
3. Please submit your order by contacting us via e-mail, phone and/or fax.
4. A sales representative will contact you to verify the order. Please be certain to include your contact information with your order. We generally capture your credit card number to confirm the order. However, we will not run your card until the day your case is being shipped.
5.   Q: How do I order a custom case that is a non-traditional size?
    A: Please follow the steps in #4 and include Cedar Creek’s spec sheet, options chart and a full size tracing of your instrument.
6.   Q: What is your current lead-time for a custom case?
    A: Our current lead-time is 8-10 weeks. This time period is established when all information has been received.
7.   Q: How much does a custom case cost?
    A: The cost of a custom case depends on the options, quantity and the amount of customization.
Please see the price section of this website for traditional size case prices.
8.   Q: Does Cedar Creek offer a limited warranty on their custom cases?
    A: Cedar Creek will honor a 24/7 Protection on all custom cases. This includes any problems, which may result from manufacturer defect. However, this does not include custom case size variances, once customer specs have been confirmed.




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